Capturing the best of both worlds, European “Gypsy” jazz and Brazilian Samba/Choro

New from Gypsy/Choro wizard, Will Patton, String Theory. Will Patton, Vermont based mandolinist/multi-instrumentalist returns to the studio for his special blend of acoustic magic with Kings Hill Records release, “String Theory.” Capturing the best of both worlds, European “Gypsy” jazz and Brazilian Samba/Choro, he expertly cooks a concoction of culinary pleasure in the same forward direction of his previous two projects, “Lattitudes and Departures” and “Peripherique” Patton has truly mastered this delightful cosmopolitan recipe.

His playing reigns in my book as “King of Oval Hole Clean” in the current crop of high profile jazz mandolinists, milking his vintage teen “A” of the richest, creamy tone on the farm. No tasteless, fat-free timbre here; better load up on the Lipitor… A paragon of line and sustain, his aptitude for rich melody manifests well in his mastery of finger control and right hand/left hand coordination.

This prowess is well supported compositionally through the talents of a cadre of some of New England’s top-notch players. Joining him in the kitchen, the passionate fluidity of electric guitarist Ninine Garcia, the compelling complementary line of flutist Patricia Julien, and an admirable duty by his own daughter, clarinetist Anna Patton. Toss in some radiant gypsy violin, accordian, and a premiere rhythm section, you have this consummate concoction of 50 plus minutes of Euro-choro euphoria. A formula pleasingly similar to his first two projects, I count (breakdown arguably and arbitrarily blurred) four Gypsy tunes, four Brazilian, and three swing selections (two standards from Horace Silver and Sonny Rollins). This is a delicious meal of some of New England’s finest musically satisfying cuisine. I don’t think I have room for dessert.